What happened to Flow snowboards?

The Nidecker Group is getting bigger: The sports company from Rolle in French-speaking Switzerland has acquired Flow Snowboarding from California. Both companies announced the purchase on Monday. … Above all, Flow Snowboarding is known for its speed entry bindings.

Does flow still make snowboards?

Flow started out as a binding company but now make a full range of boards, bindings and boots.

Who makes Flow snowboards?


Are Flow bindings worth it?

Flow bindings came along to improve ease of use and may be marginally quicker to put on. … Many riders seem to find that traditional bindings provide more control, are easier to adjust, and are actually just as easy to put on a lot of the time. Both types have their advantages and drawbacks.

What size snowboard should I get?

Snowboard Size ChartRider Height (in)Rider Height (cm)Snowboard Size (cm)5’4″163144 -1525’6″168149 -1575’8″173154 -1625’10″178159 -167Ещё 7 строк

What size Flow bindings do I need?

Flow Snowboard Binding Size Chart 2020Flow Binding SizesXSMUS Youth/Men’s11Y – 14.5 – 8.5US Women’s6 – 10EU (French)29.5 – 3236 – 41.5UK11 – 03.5 – 7.5Ещё 1 строка

Do you need special boots for Flow bindings?

Flow bindings come in different sizes, bring your boots with you when you purchase your bindings and you will get the proper fit, as well there is a size range on the box of the bindings. Unless you are using older boots ’95ish and earlier you should be able to get into the properly sized binding with any boot.

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What are the best bindings for a snowboard?

The 7 Best Snowboard Bindings of 2020-2021

  • Union Force & Trilogy Women’s.
  • Burton Cartel X & Lexa X Women’s.
  • Union Atlas.
  • Arbor Hemlock.
  • Bent Metal Transfer.
  • Ride C8.
  • Jones Mercury.

Are rear entry snowboard bindings good?

Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings for 2020 – 2021 Season – Flow Bindings. All of these bindings deliver an excellent performance while some have stand-out features such as added comfort or extra stiffness.

What are the clips on the back of snowboard bindings?

Just a way to match the angle on both bindings. Adjusting your highback away from vertical will reduce the amount you have to flex your boot backward to turn heelside. It also helps you maintain a useful knee bend- new and/or tired riders have a tendency to straighten their knees- which is bad for control.

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