How do you communicate while skiing?

What do you say to someone going skiing?

Skiing quotes and snowboarding sayings

  1. “A bad day on the slopes beats a good day at work”
  2. “If you’re not falling, you’re not learning”
  3. “I love big dumps”
  4. “Let it snow!”
  5. “My drug of choice is white powder”
  6. “My life is going downhill”
  7. “No friends on a powder day”
  8. “Ski good or eat wood”

What should you not do while skiing?

10 Things to Avoid Doing in a Ski Resort

  • Carrying skis in a silly way. …
  • Punter Gap. …
  • Using Tinder while skiing. …
  • Sticking your poles in the air for no reason. …
  • Not Having your money ready at the bar. …
  • Leave an amigo behind. …
  • Laugh at a friend’s misfortune. …
  • Walk in the road.

Can you wear headphones while skiing?

A: “It’s kind of a fine line,” says Dave Byrd, director of risk and regulatory affairs for the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), of wearing music while skiing. … “They may cut you off, they may ski too close and startle you, you may take an abrupt turn not realizing someone is behind you,” Byrd explains.

What does send it mean skiing?

To send or to get sendy is to go big or get gnarly with whatever it is you are doing. It could be skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking or any dope activity. It could mean going big off a cliff or jump or barreling down a sick line at a high speed.

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