Best answer: What is another word for skiing?

What is a synonym for skiing?

Synonyms. sport cross-country skiing athletics traversal ski jumping traverse.

What does skiing mean in slang?

You have to wade through 11 definitions of the word ski to get to anything about a winter sport. … It’s a word more commonly used to decribe snorting cocaine (first option), a suffix (5 entries), or a sexual act (4 entries) than it is as a winter sport.

What is the opposite of skiing?

There are no categorical antonyms for skiing. The verb skiing is defined as: present participle of ski.

What is the other name of snow?

What is another word for snow?blizzardsnowdriftsnowfallsnowflakessleetsnowstormflakessnowfieldsnowpackpowderЕщё 16 строк

What are three types of skiing?

What are the Different Types of Skiing?

  • Downhill Skiing. Downhill skiing is the type of skiing most people are familiar with, especially if they don’t know much about skiing. …
  • Backcountry Skiing. …
  • Alpine Touring. …
  • Telemark Skiing. …
  • Ski Mountaineering. …
  • Cross-Country Skiing. …
  • Freestyle Skiing. …
  • Adaptive Skiing.

Is ski a word?

noun, plural skis or, sometimes, ski.

one of a pair of long, slender runners made of wood, plastic, or metal used in gliding over snow. water ski.

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What drug is skiing slang for?


What does the skiing emoji mean?

⛷️ Meaning – Skier Emoji

The image of a person with poles and skis, generally wearing a mask is the emoji that symbolizes a skier or skiing as a sport. … Skier Emoji can mean “I am going skiing with friends this winter.” or “I need to buy new skiing equipment.”

What does POW mean in skiing?

Fine, dry, fluffy and lightweight

What is another word for scheme?

Some common synonyms of scheme are design, plan, plot, and project.

What is Black Snow called?


What word means snowfall?

What is another word for snowfall?blizzardflurrywhiteoutsleethailiceslushstormsnow flurrysnowflakeЕщё 29 строк

Which language has the most words for snow?


By ski