Where can I buy skis in Toronto?

Where can I buy ski gear in Toronto?

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  • So Hip It Hurts. If you want to look fly AF on the slopes this season, check out this Toronto institution. …
  • Sporting Life. Sporting Life has long been a go-to for skis and ski-related outerwear. …
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op. …
  • Boardsports. …
  • Sanction. …
  • Skis and Bikes. …
  • Sign of the Skier. …
  • Salomon.

Where can I buy used skis in Toronto?

Best used skis in Toronto, ON

  1. Sport Swap. $$Sporting Goods. …
  2. The Sign of the Skier. Sporting Goods. …
  3. High Park Ski Club. Ski Schools. …
  4. Sanction Skate & Snow. $$Outdoor Gear, Sports Wear, Shoe Stores. …
  5. Exclusive Sport Rentals. $Outdoor Gear. …
  6. Play It Again Sports. $$Sporting Goods. …
  7. So Hip It Hurts. $$$Sports Wear, Ski & Snowboard Shops, Skate Shops. …
  8. Skiis & Biikes.

Where can I buy skis online?

The 10 best places to buy ski and snowboarding gear online

  1. Backcountry. Backcountry is an outdoor gear retailer that sells a ton of affordable snow sports gear from popular brands like Patagonia, Burton, and Black Diamond, as well as its own budget-friendly line. …
  2. Evo. …
  3. REI. …
  4. Dick’s Sporting Goods. …
  5. Skis.com. …
  6. Amazon. …
  7. Moosejaw. …
  8. Christy Sports.
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Where can I trade in skis?

Take Your Skis to a Local Ski Shop

Browse ski shops near you and see if they accept used skis. They might be able to sell them on consignment for you and take a percentage of the sale as a commission, or you might be able to trade them in for a discount on better equipment.

How do you choose ski length?

The general rule is for your skis to measure somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. With expert level skiers often choosing skis slightly above their head.

What should you wear to ski?

What to Wear Skiing and Snowboarding

  • Long underwear.
  • Light fleece or wool top.
  • Ski or snowboard socks.
  • Ski or snowboard jacket.
  • Ski or snowboard pants (or bibs)
  • Gloves or mittens.
  • Helmet.
  • Goggles.

How do you size cross country skis?

Helpful Calculations:

  1. For Classic. Your Height in Inches x 2.6 + 15 = Approximate Classic Touring Cross Country Ski Size.
  2. For Skate. Your Height in Inches x 2.6 + 5 = Approximate Skate Ski Size.
  3. For Backcountry. Your Height in Inches +/- 2 to 6 Depending on Skill Level, Use, and Specific Skis.

Why are skis so expensive?

There’s the rub: Well-made skis are expensive because they require a seam-less marriage of materials (wood, metal, fiberglass) and design characteristics (flex, geometry) that few engineers know well. Each ski length (175, 180, etc.) also demands its own mold (about $80,000).

What is the best ski brand?


  • Völkl — 54.45%
  • K2 — 48.68%
  • Atomic — 47.69%
  • Rossignol — 47.29%
  • Salomon — 44.65%
  • Blizzard — 41.76%
  • Armada — 39.72%
  • Line — 37.43%
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Should you buy skis online?

This is true when purchasing bikes and bike gear, and holds true for skis and related equipment. “Online is a great place to go if you know exactly what it is you are looking for,” said Morrone. “For someone just getting their feet wet, they’re much better of coming into a brick and mortar location.”

Where can I sell old skis?

Craigslist is really the go-to site for selling skis locally, but there are also methods like Front Porch Forum, your local newspaper classifieds, and more. Then there are ski swaps. Many high schools or local ski programs will host ski swaps where a portion of the revenue benefits their team, club, or local ski hill.

Are used skis worth it?

Summary. Buying secondhand skis is an excellent way to save money. The condition of the used skis you purchase is crucial to your enjoyment on the Colorado ski slopes. You also want skis that will last a couple of seasons.

Should I buy second hand skis?

Buy Early. Even with used gear, prices will always increase the closer they are to the season they are needed. That’s why it’s a great idea to buy gear, used or new, off-season. Don’t wait for winter to buy used skis, as this will provide you with fewer options to choose from and higher prices to deal with.

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