When did Keystone Ski Resort open?

When Max Dercum, along with his wife Edna, founded Keystone back in 1970, he knew how much fun it was to slide down snowy mountains on a pair of skis. The feeling was even better with a smile on your face, next to friends and family, in a beautiful spot high above the rest of the world.

What year did Keystone Resort Open?


Will Keystone be open this winter?

We are excited to welcome back winter!​

To help keep you safe no matter which day you visit our resorts this season, we have re-imagined the resort experience.

Is Keystone Village open?

Keystone is open

Operating Hours: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. until April 4, 2021.

Who founded Keystone?

Jane Bergman

Does Keystone make snow?

New energy efficient snow-making tools are implemented at Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colo. … According to Ingham, these systems determine when snowmaking can begin and automatically turn on the machine when conditions permit.

Can you skin up Keystone?

Skinning at Keystone is not as controlled as the other Summit County resorts. You don’t need to have an uphill pass like you do for Abasin, and you do not need to follow a specific route like you do at Breckenridge.

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Is Keystone good for beginners?

Lessons at Keystone: Keystone Resort is ideal for beginner ski and snowboard instruction, with a variety of lesson options. The ski instructors have plenty of patience, no matter how much help your child (or you) needs. The lessons are always kept fun, lighthearted and stress-free at Keystone.

How long is schoolmarm at Keystone?


How much is a keystone day pass?

Keystone Lift Pass PricesLift TicketsChildAdult1 Day Price$40 – $65$69 – $1126 Day Price$180 – $330$312 – $570Age Range5 – 1213 – 64

Is Keystone closed?

These dates are subject to change at Keystone’s discretion based on weather and snowfall. Estimated dates are based on historical averages or advice from the resort.

Opening and Closing Dates Keystone Open.SeasonOpeningClosing20/2111/06/202004/11/2021 (estimated)19/2010/25/201903/14/2020 *18/1911/07/201804/07/201917/1811/10/201704/08/2018Ещё 4 строки

Does Keystone have a town?

Keystone is centered around River Run Village, which sits at the base of the slopes. The town sits at 9,280 feet above sea level, with the mountain summit at 12,408 feet. It’s located less than an hour and a half from Denver, in busy Summit County.

How far is keystone from Vail?

22 miles

How did keystone get its name?

John around 1863. A prospector by the name of Coley discovered silver on a glacier ridge which was the start to this silver mining town, originally named Coleyville.

How far is keystone from Breckenridge?

10 miles

What is Keystone known for?

Keystone is known also for its five-acre resurfaced skating lake, sleigh rides and several Zagat-rated four- and five-star restaurants. … In summer, Keystone provides lift access for mountain hiking, events and hundreds of miles of single-track mountain biking.

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