What state is snowshoe in?

How do you get to Snowshoe WV?

Snowshoe is accessible by car from WV-66, which is itself accessible from US-219 or WV-92. From there, the drive to the top of the mountain is 6 miles, and takes about 15 minutes (maybe a little more if there’s a lot of snow).

How far is snowshoe from Charleston WV?

88.90 mi

Who owns Snowshoe WV?

Intrawest, the owners of Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort, have been acquired by KSL Capital Partners and the Aspen Skiing Company. In a release, Intrawest says that for guests, it will be business as usual at Snowshoe Resort and that Aspen and KSL share the same passion for the mountains as Intrawest.

What town is near Snowshoe WV?

town of Marlinton

What county is Snowshoe Mountain in?

Pocahontas County

What county is Snowshoe PA in?

Centre County

Where do you fly into for Snowshoe WV?


How tall is Snowshoe Mountain?

1,478 m

How much snow does Snowshoe WV get?

Snowshoe enjoys an average snowfall of 180 inches and, while much of the East Coast is known for heavier wet snow, Snowshoe is known for its surprisingly light, dry powder.

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How long is Snowshoe ski season?

Opening and Closing Dates Snowshoe Mountain OpenSeasonOpeningClosing20/2111/25/202003/31/2021 (estimated)19/2011/22/201903/22/2020 *18/1911/21/201803/31/201917/1811/24/201704/01/2018Ещё 4 строки

How many slopes does Snowshoe have?

60 slopes

How far is Marlinton from Snowshoe?

14.12 miles

How far is Elkins WV from Snowshoe?

36.34 miles

When was Snowshoe founded?


By ski