Question: Where is Lockie’s Lighthouse apres ski and Mount kay?

Lockie’s Lighthouse is found on the northernmost part of the map, in grid C1. Apres Ski is on the opposite end of the island; you’ll find it atop a mountain southwest of Misty Meadow, in grid E8. Mount Kay is relatively close by; it’s located in grid G7.

Where is Lockies Lighthouse apres ski and Mount kay?

If map co-ordinates are your preferred frame of reference, then these are the Fortnite Lockie’s Lighthouse, Apres Ski, and Mount Kay locations you need to land at: C1 – Lockie’s Lighthouse. E8 – Apres Ski. G7 – Mount Kay.

Where is the apres ski and Mount Kay in fortnite?

Apres Ski is the ski lodge where there is a constant dance party going on inside. I am still kind of sad we can’t actually ski down mountains now that hoverboards are no longer a thing. And finally Mount Kay is one of the giant mountains on the map, the southern most of the two main ones in the south east of the map.

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Where is the apres ski dance floor fortnite?

To find the dance floor at Apres Ski, head up the stairs at the front of the building and make your way to the back of the room. There, you’ll see a small dance floor area. This is where you’ll need to dance for 10 seconds.

How do you do all the Brutus challenges?

Fortnite Brutus’ Briefing challenges week 1

  1. Land at Lockie’s Lighthouse, Apres Ski, and Mount Kay (3) …
  2. Search Chests at The Grotto or The Shark (7) …
  3. Deal damage to Henchmen (2,000) …
  4. Open doors locked by an ID Scanner in different matches (3) …
  5. Be crouched within 20m of unaware Henchmen for a total of 10 seconds (10)

Where is Thor’s Hammer in fortnite?

Thor’s Hammer can be found in the area south of Salty Springs in Fortnite, as seen in the map image above. The crater caused by Thor’s Hammer falling to the ground can be seen from the sky, making it easy to land in the right spot. You can also see the crater when approaching on foot.

Where is fortnite dirty docks?

Dirty Docks is a named Point Of Interest in Battle Royale which was added to the map in Chapter 2 Season 1, located inside the coordinate H4, south of Steamy Stacks, north of Retail Row and southeast of Colossal Coliseum.

Where is Rapid’s rest in fortnite?

Where is Rapids Rest in Fortnite? Just like fans may have seen in Chapter 2 Season 2, Rapids Rest is located in this riverbed area east of Lazy Lake. It’s essentially a little campground on the edge of the rapids. When it comes to collecting Stone at the unnamed PoI, the task should be quite simple.

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Where can I dance at apres ski?

Simply head into the main floor of the building (not the downstairs, the floor just above it) and you’ll see the dance floor. Choose your favorite emote and get jiggy with it.

How do you dance at apres ski?

Head into the ski resort after landing and you should see the colorful dance floor, which should be to the right of the main entrance. Once you stand on top of the dance floor, open up your emote wheel and perform one of the dances you have ready. You’ll need to dance for about six to 10 seconds to complete the quest.

What is the apres ski in fortnite?

Apres Ski is a Landmark in Battle Royale added in Chapter 2 Season 1, located inside the coordinate E8, south of Misty Meadows, on a mountain. It is a dance club, filled with a dance room, a bar, and other things.

What is Brutus last challenge?

How to steal security plans and deliver them to SHADOW or GHOST in Fortnite for Brutus’ final mission. This mission involves infiltrating one of the named bases and stealing security plans, before delivering them to one of the factions introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

What are the 18 Brutus briefing challenges?


  • Search Chests at The Grotto or The Shark (7) …
  • Deal Damage to Henchman (2,000) …
  • Open Doors Locked by an ID Scanner in Different Matches (3) …
  • Search Ammo Boxes in a Single Match (7) …
  • Disguise Yourself Inside a Phone Booth in Different Matches (3)
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Can you do Brutus challenges in team rumble?

Brutus has new missions. The easiest way to complete your Brutus Loyalty challenge is by visiting the Yacht. You can even do this one in Team Rumble, as the NPC Henchmen are not needed for the challenge. All you have to do is land at the bottom of the Yacht and break through to the inside.

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