Question: How much does an Ikon ski pass cost?

There was a $50 renewal discount for those who had a 2019–2020 Ikon Base pass. The full Ikon Pass is $1,149 for an adult pass, $899 for 13- to 22-year-olds, $479 for children 5 to 12 and $209 for children 4 and under.

How much is the Ikon pass 2020?

For the 2020–2021 ski season, the full Ikon Pass prices are:

$999 for adults ($899 renewal price before April 22) $739 for those 13–22 years old ($659 renewal price before April 22) $709 for college students/military. $309 for kids ($209 with purchase of an adult pass, up to two discount child passes through April 22)

Will Ikon pass price go up?

The Ikon Pass spring deadline has been extended from April 22, 2020 through May 26, 2020. Prices will increase on May 27, 2020. As a show of appreciation to all 19/20 Ikon Pass holders, the 20/21 renewal discount has been doubled.

How much does the Epic pass cost?

Cost (goes up 11/22/20): Summit Value ($609 adults, $489 teen ages 13-18, $339 kids ages 5-12), Keystone Plus Pass ($389 adults, $279 kids ages 5-12), Keystone Crested Butte 4-Pack ($249).

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Which is better Ikon or Epic Pass?

Whereas the Epic Pass gives skiers access to two Utah resorts, the Ikon pass gets skiers a total of seven days access to two of the best ski resorts in North America—Alta and Snowbird—which are both rankined the top 5 at ZRankings, and live in what is the most hospitable place for good skiing snow on the continent in …

Is Ikon pass Unlimited?

Ikon Pass Details. If you’re looking for unlimited days at 15 ski resorts primarily in Colorado and/or California, and endless flexibility without blackout dates at 25 other destinations across North America and around the globe, then the Ikon Pass is your ticket to ride.

Is there a senior Ikon pass?

It’s 2018-19 season pass is $369 for 70+ seniors and gives unlimited access plus three days, each, at Purgatory, Monarch, Powder Mountain and Taos. It has other free skiing with lodging benefits elsewhere.

Can I use my friends Ikon pass?


Thankfully, Ikon Pass holders get friends and family discounts of up to 25% off the window rate at select Ikon Pass destinations during the 20/21 season.

What is the last day to buy an Ikon pass?

Two ski pass purchase deadlines are looming that could severely limit your skiing and snowboarding options this winter if you let them come and go without buying. Sunday is the deadline to buy Epic Pass products for this season. The deadline for Ikon Passes follows on Thursday, Dec. 10.

What if I lose my IKON pass?

If your Ikon Pass is lost or stolen, please contact 888-365-IKON or (303) 729-3174 to have your Ikon Pass deactivated. To receive a replacement Ikon Pass for any lost, stolen, or broken/damaged passes, please visit any North American Ikon Pass destination to have your pass reprinted.

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How late can you buy an Epic Pass?

5, 2019 – Sunday, Nov. 24 is the last chance to purchase the Epic Pass, the new Epic Day Pass and the entire suite of Epic Pass options for the 2019-20 winter season.

How much is an epic 7 day pass?

Epic Local Pass™: For $699 for adults, $569 for teens and $369 for children (ages five to 12), the Epic Local Pass offers the following access and benefits: Unlimited, unrestricted access to: Breckenridge, Keystone, Crested Butte, Okemo, Mt.

Epic For Everyone.Adult PricingChild PricingEpic 7-Day Pass$731$380Ещё 13 строк

Should I buy an Epic Pass?

Bottom line. The most cost-effective way to ski at major mountains has, for years, been with a pass. Now, it’s even more essential than ever to have some type of Epic Pass if you plan to ski at a Vail Resorts mountain since reservations are required this season.

Does Costco sell ski lift tickets?

While there are many ways to get discounted ski lift ticket discounts, one of the best options is through Costco. Both Costco online and in-store are loading up their stock with discounted lift tickets, which will save you a ton of money on your next ski trip.

Where is the Ikon pass good?

Ikon Pass partner destinations are Aspen Snowmass, Copper Mountain Resort, Eldora Mountain Resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Big Sky Resort, Killington Resort, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Loon Mountain Resort, Alta Ski Area, and Snowbird.

Should I buy a ski season pass?

It’s not always an easy decision, especially if you don’t have the resources to rack in as many ski days as you might like. But, when a single day lift ticket will cost you anywhere between $50 and $100, in many cases, purchasing a season pass is the most wallet-friendly decision you can make.

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