Frequent question: Can you ski from Les Houches to St Gervais?

St Gervais Ski Resort. St Gervais is one France’s best kept secrets. This old spa town is connected to both Megeve’s Evasion Mont Blanc ski area and Les Houches’ ski area in the Chamonix valley. So when snow conditions are good, it offers value, charm and plenty of skiing.

Can you ski from Les Houches to Chamonix?

Even if you are not staying in Les Houches, you can access the area by taking the free bus (included in your lift pass) that runs from all the villages in the Chamonix valley to Les Houches. … Les Houches is the location of regular international events and is home to the Kandahar World Downhill Ski Championships.

Is Les Houches open?

Your Les Houches ski pass offers you access to the Mont Blanc Tramway. DAILY INFOS Our sites and ski areas are closed.

How do I get to Les Houches from Chamonix?

Line 15 takes you from Chamonix to Les Bosson and Les Houches. Line 15 offers 6 additional buses to Line 1. Line 16 is the Les Houches shuttle. It circulates daily between 8 am and 5.53 pm, with a frequency of around 35-40 minutes.

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How much does it cost to ski in Chamonix?

Chamonix Le Pass – High Season PricesConsecutive DaysAdult 15-64 yearsReduced 5-15 years 65-79 years1 Day€ 55.00€ 46.802 Days€ 107.00€ 91.003 Days€ 156.00€ 132.604 Days€ 203.00€ 172.60Ещё 4 строки

Is Chamonix OK for beginners?

There are a number of ski areas in Chamonix which provides easy slopes for quick progression to intermediate and more advanced terrain. In the ski areas of Les Planards, Le Tour, Argentiere/Les Grands Montets, Vallorcine, and Chamonix/Brevent, as well as Les Houches there are beginner slopes for all ages.

Is Chamonix hard to ski?

We liked that there was some tougher skiing, but we also discovered easier runs in every ski area. In terms of the advantages of Chamonix for skiers I would say this: A lot of very tough terrain, especially off-piste – yes there is and it is marvellous if that is your level of ability.

How far is Les Houches from Chamonix?

7 km

Is Aiguille du Midi open?

The lifts are not open for the moment but there are a multitude of possibilities to enjoy in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley! COVID-19 – Welcome & Information : … In just 20 minutes, the Aiguille du Midi cable car will take you from the centre of Chamonix to the high mountains, reaching an altitude of 3,842 m.

How do I get to Les Houches?

By Plane

  1. Geneva Airport – 88km / approx 1 hour. By far the easiest airport to fly to for to Les Houches. …
  2. Chambéry Airport – 145km / approx 1.5 hours. …
  3. Lyon Airport – 220 km / approx 2 hours. …
  4. Turin Airport – 175 km / approx 2 hours.
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How do I get to Megeve from Chamonix?

The best way to get from Chamonix to Megève without a car is to bus which takes 1h 5m and costs 3€ – 6€. How long does it take to get from Chamonix to Megève? The bus from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Sud to Megève takes 1h 5m including transfers and departs five times a day.

How do you get to Courmayeur from Chamonix?

The distance between Courmayeur and Chamonix is 17 km. The road distance is 22.7 km. How do I travel from Courmayeur to Chamonix without a car? The best way to get from Courmayeur to Chamonix without a car is to line 300 bus which takes 45 min and costs 2€ – 4€.

How do I get from Geneva to Chamonix?

Shuttle bus services from Geneva Airport offer the most appropriate way of getting to Chamonix and other ski areas in terms of time and efficiency. The journey between Geneva Airport and Chamonix in nine or 13-seater minibuses takes around 75 minutes. The way it works is a bit like a shared taxi.

How expensive is Chamonix?

Past travelers have spent, on average, €38 ($47) on meals for one day and €32 ($39) on local transportation. Also, the average hotel price in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc for a couple is €143 ($174). So, a trip to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc for two people for one week costs on average €2,632 ($3,194).

Where can I buy a ski pass in Chamonix?

Best Ski/Lift Pass Offices in Chamonix

  • Les Houches Foyer de Ski de Fond (Cr… …
  • Chamonix Foyer de Ski de Fond (cross… …
  • Vallorcine Foyer de Ski de Fond (Cro… …
  • Argentiere Foyer de Ski de Fond (cro… …
  • Prarion Ski Pass Office, Les HouchesLift pass office at the Prarion gondola at th…
  • Aiguille du Midi Ski Pass Office, Ch…
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How much does it cost to hire ski equipment?

You’ll probably drop in the range of $600 to $1,300 to buy your own gear. Add around $50 charge each way to get skis on a plane if you’re planning to fly to your ski vacation. Renting gear at the ski area probably costs more like $40-80 per day.

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