Does REI rent cross country skis?

Can you rent skis at REI?

At REI, you can rent skis, snowboards, camping gear and more. … Most gear available to rent can also be purchased in-store or on the website, so you can try the best outdoor products before purchasing or upgrading.

How much is it to rent skis at REI?

Get skis, boots and poles for just $170 for kids, and $280 for adults. And when ski season’s done, you’ll get a bunch of storage space back in your life—just in time for spring cleaning!

Does REI rent gear?

REI also is allowing shoppers to rent camping gear, backpacking kits, snowshoes, skis and snowboards at 115 of its 154 stores. … Shoppers need to make a rental reservation in person or by calling a store. Consumers can see what types of products are available for rent at nearby stores at

How much are cross country ski rentals?

Rental RatesClassic XCPulk1 hour$13$123 hours$16$1524 hours$20$203-Day Rental*$40$34

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Should I buy or rent ski gear?

Renting gear at the ski area probably costs more like $40-80 per day. As with most items, the more you plan to use something, the more it makes sense to buy rather than rent. If you are someone who hits the slopes often, buying is still a sound investment.

Can you return skis to REI?

If you’re not satisfied with your REI purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within one year of purchase, except for outdoor electronics, which must be returned within 90 days of purchase. … REI’s guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents.

What can you rent for skiing?

Most rental packages include skis, boots, and poles. You should be able to choose from beginner or performance skis.

Here’s a list of ski equipment available to rent:

  • Skis.
  • Ski boots.
  • Ski poles.
  • Helmet.
  • Ski jacket and pants (at some resorts)

Does REI rent snow clothes?

REI has store locations across the country that offer rental products ranging from camp kits to backcountry ski packages.

Is snowboarding easier than skiing?

Skiing is generally easy to learn initially but is harder to master. Snowboarding is harder to learn but reaching an advanced level is easier. Although there are exceptions to this rule, it generally holds true and you can use it to inform your snow sports choice.

How much does it cost to rent snowshoes at REI?

They do not include the days you pick up and drop off in the price (assuming you rent for more than one day).

REI rates.ItemMember PriceNon-Member priceSnowshoes – Adult$14 / $6$24 / $6Trekking Poles$10 / $3$20 / $6Ещё 11 строк

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How much does it cost to rent camping gear from REI?

A la carteREI Member PricingNon-Member PricingFirst NightEach Additional NightBackpacking Tents – 1 Person$20$6Backpacking Tents – 2 Person Basic$25$6Backpacking Tents – 2 Person Lightweight$30$8Ещё 27 строк

Can you rent backpacks at REI?

At REI, you can rent the basics like a backpack and sleeping bag, but they want to sell you everything else you need. We have more than 70 outdoor gear items available to rent – pretty much anything you’d ever need for any type of backpacking or camping trip.

What size of cross country skis do I need?

Cross Country Ski SizingSkier WeightClassic Ski LengthSkate Ski Length140 – 150 lbs190 – 205 cm180-190 cm150 – 160 lbs195 – 210 cm185-195 cm160 – 180 lbs200 – 210 cm190-200 cm>180 lbs205 – 210 cm190-200 cmЕщё 4 строки

Where can I rent snowshoes in Truckee?

Best snowshoe rental near Truckee, CA 96161

  • Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards. 1.7 mi. 90 reviews. …
  • Tahoe Mountain Sports. 1.9 mi. 81 reviews. …
  • Tahoe Sports Hub. 1.7 mi. 133 reviews. …
  • The BackCountry. 2.0 mi. 96 reviews. …
  • Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards. 2.5 mi. 6 reviews. …
  • Donner Ski Shop. 10.8 mi. 27 reviews. …
  • Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area. 3.6 mi. …
  • Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards. 11.7 mi.
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