Can you use someone elses ski pass?

As a reminder, using another person’s ski pass can have criminal consequences and potentially bar the unauthorized user from skiing the entire season. Once fraudulent use is identified, suspects are either issued a summons into court and released or arrested, depending on the circumstances.

Are ski passes transferable?

No, all season pass products are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I use my friends Ikon pass?


Thankfully, Ikon Pass holders get friends and family discounts of up to 25% off the window rate at select Ikon Pass destinations during the 20/21 season.

How do I use a ski with a friend ticket?

To purchase Buddy or Ski With A Friend tickets, a Pass Holder must navigate to “My Account” at and select the specific day and resort for use. The Pass Holder must be present with their pass to pick up tickets at the window.

Are epic day passes transferable?

The Epic Day Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable unless the pass holder is eligible for a refund pursuant to the Epic Coverage terms and conditions.

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Does Epic Pass get mailed to you?

For first-time Epic Season Pass holders, your pass will be mailed to you 7-10 business days from the time your photo upload is accepted. You may also have your photo taken and pass printed in person at a season pass office at any Vail Resorts owned and operated resort.

Are Epic passes refundable?

EPIC Coverage Only.

Your Season Pass is NON-REFUNDABLE unless it qualifies for a full or partial refund under these Terms because of a Reservation Availability Refund Event, a Priority Reservation Cancellation Event, an Extended Resort Closure Event, or a Qualifying Personal Event (each as defined below).

What is the last day to buy Ikon pass?

Two ski pass purchase deadlines are looming that could severely limit your skiing and snowboarding options this winter if you let them come and go without buying. Sunday is the deadline to buy Epic Pass products for this season. The deadline for Ikon Passes follows on Thursday, Dec. 10.

Does the Ikon pass have blackout dates?

The Ikon Pass gives skiers and riders access to 39 ski resort destinations across North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, with unlimited access to 15 resorts. Ski whenever you please, this pass has no blackout dates.

Does Ikon pass work in summer?

Direct-to-Lift: Ikon Pass holders can go direct to the lifts at all destinations except Deer Valley Resort and Crystal Mountain. Once your 20/21 Ikon Pass product is scanned, it constitutes use of your 20/21 Ikon Pass and you will no longer be eligible to defer your pass for winter 20/21. …

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How many ski with a friend tickets do I have?

Ski With A Friend Tickets

As a valued pass holder, you get six Ski-With-A-Friend (SWAF) varying discount tickets loaded onto your pass for friends and family. These tickets are automatically loaded onto your Season Pass.

How much is ski with a friend discount?

Buddy & Ski With A Friend Tickets

The discount equates to roughly 40% off the window ticket price and the Epic Pass holder must be present at the time of purchase.

How much are ski with a friend tickets at Park City?

Re: Epic pass ski with a friend discount amount? It is $85 for Park City but do make sure your friend bought his/her ticket early enough to get the SWAF discounts loaded.

Is an epic day pass a lift ticket?

Your other two options for mountain access are Epic Day Lift Tickets purchased in advance or at the window.

How many Epic passes sold 2020?

Vail Resorts has sold an astonishing 850,000 season passes so far this season. That’s an 18 percent increase in pass sales compared to last year at this time. This info was provided in Vail’s Resorts Fiscal 2020 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results Report.

How does the epic day pass work?

So how does the Epic Day Pass work? The pass allows you to customize your own pass from one to seven days, with the option to add holiday access. That pass can be used at any time at all of Vail’s North American resorts. If you purchase four or more days, you’ll get access to Snowbasin as well.

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