Can you fix a bent ski pole?

Just take them inside, let them warm-up. Bend it back some, won’t be perfect. Keep on using them till they break.

How do you straighten a bent ski pole?

Just be smoov, like BSS said, and don’t try to straighten out any real kinks because they’ll snap. If the bend isn’t creased, then hold the pole by the handle and whack them more or less lightly at the outside point of the bend on a tree or wooden post. Repeat rhythmically until it’s straight. Slowly, patiently.

How do you keep a canopy from holding water?

How to Stay Dry at a Rainy Outdoor Craft Show

  1. Consider Applying A Water RepellEnt Spray to Your Portable Canopy. …
  2. keep water from pooling on Your canopy. …
  3. Use Clear Plastic tarps and shower curtains to stay dry.
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