Are ski passes transferable?

No, all season pass products are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can you share ski passes?

2. Ask about Interchangeable Parent Passes. Quite a few resorts offer lift tickets that parents can share as they switch off skiing and childcare duties. These tickets are a huge money saver if you have a little one too young for ski school and no babysitter to watch your kids while both parents ski.

What happens if you get caught using someone else’s Epic Pass?

After a little further research the charge is actually called ‘deceptive use of ski facilities. ‘ Carries a maximum fine of $1000 and 180 days in jail. “VAIL – The Vail and Beaver Creek ski areas are offering extra pay to resort employees who catch snowriders using someone else’s ski pass.

What are ski with a friend tickets?

Ski With A Friend Tickets are discounted single day tickets, with slight variable savings,. These tickets are discounted off the resort window prices, which change throughout the season.

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How many buddy passes with Epic Pass?

6 Buddy Tickets

Is the Epic Pass transferable?

No, all season pass products are non-refundable and non-transferable. … Epic Coverage is free with all pass products and provides a refund if you have an eligible injury, job loss, or experience other personal events that prevent you from using your pass.

Can I use my friends Ikon pass?


Thankfully, Ikon Pass holders get friends and family discounts of up to 25% off the window rate at select Ikon Pass destinations during the 20/21 season.

How long does it take to get epic pass in mail?

For first-time Epic Season Pass holders, your pass will be mailed to you 7-10 business days from the time your photo upload is accepted. You may also have your photo taken and pass printed in person at a season pass office at any Vail Resorts owned and operated resort.

Is Epic Pass giving refunds?

To give you the peace of mind you need to get back on the slopes this season, Epic Coverage is included free with every pass and provides refunds for job loss, injury and certain resort closures (including any due to COVID-19).

Do Epic Pass holders get discounts?

Yes, pass holders receive a 20% Epic Mountain Rewards discount on food and beverage at quick-service, on-mountain restaurants, and the discount applies to total spend of up to $150 per day.

How many ski with a friend tickets do I have?

Ski With A Friend Tickets

As a valued pass holder, you get six Ski-With-A-Friend (SWAF) varying discount tickets loaded onto your pass for friends and family. These tickets are automatically loaded onto your Season Pass.

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How much are ski with a friend tickets at Park City?

Re: Epic pass ski with a friend discount amount? It is $85 for Park City but do make sure your friend bought his/her ticket early enough to get the SWAF discounts loaded.

What ski resorts does Vail own?

Vail Resorts operate 37 ski resorts in the United States, Canada and Australia. Most notably the Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Crested Butte ski areas in Colorado, Northstar California, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and Heavenly Mountain Resort on the California-Nevada border.

Does Costco sell ski lift tickets?

While there are many ways to get discounted ski lift ticket discounts, one of the best options is through Costco. Both Costco online and in-store are loading up their stock with discounted lift tickets, which will save you a ton of money on your next ski trip.

How much do buddy passes cost?

While there is no fee to fly (non-revenue), the passenger who uses the buddy pass must pay any taxes, fees and charges for each leg of the flight. The price will vary from airline to airline. One buddy pass user related this story: A buddy pass for some family members would have cost $160 round trip in fees and taxes.

Is an epic day pass a lift ticket?

Your other two options for mountain access are Epic Day Lift Tickets purchased in advance or at the window.

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