Are J skis good?

They are awesome. Best customer service, awesome, durable, sexy looking skis. Super playful and poppy. Their ski finder is really really helpful.

Are line skis durable?

From my experience, Line skis are super fun to ride but the durability of them is awful. Edges aren’t thick enough so they crack after just a few weeks of rail riding. Delam happens a month or so in, luckily that’s a quick fix with duck tape and a hair dryer.

Where are J skis made?

We design our skis in Vermont USA & build them in Quebec Canada. North America is a place where skiing is life. During the week we turn wood & epoxy into skis, on the weekends we ride them.

Who owns Line Skis?


What is the best ski brand?


  • Völkl — 54.45%
  • K2 — 48.68%
  • Atomic — 47.69%
  • Rossignol — 47.29%
  • Salomon — 44.65%
  • Blizzard — 41.76%
  • Armada — 39.72%
  • Line — 37.43%

How long should my skis be?

The general rule is for your skis to measure somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. With expert level skiers often choosing skis slightly above their head.

Who goes faster skiers or snowboarders?

While this is essentially the same for both skiing and boarding, the biomechanics are said to differ considerably. … Snowboarders might have an edge when it comes to falling safety, skiers are faster. While the fastest ski speed is around 157 mph, the fastest snowboarding speed is just 126.3 mph.

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Are wider skis better for beginners?

Even beginner skiers in snow-heavy places like Colorado and Utah will spend the vast majority of their time on groomed runs, and therefore a narrower ski is best. … Experienced skiers also will be able to control their skis better and therefore can take on a wider and stiffer ski that would be challenging for beginners.

Are Volkl skis made in China?

Völkl skis

Since 1914, Völkl has manufactured skis in Straubing, Germany, a Bavarian town about one and a half hour’s drive northeast of Munich.

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